Access OctoPrint From Anywhere With The Spaghetti Detective Mobile App.  

The Spaghetti Detective mobile app for iOS and Android gives you full remote monitoring and control of your 3D printer from anywhere. Start, and stop prints on the go and watch your printer’s live webcam stream!

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Why Use The Spaghetti Detective?

Access OctoPrint, Anywhere

Remote Monitoring

AI Failure Detection 

Access the full OctoPrint user interface from anywhere with an internet connection.

Easily check in on your 3D prints from anywhere and share the live-stream with your friends,

Let The Detective watch your 3D prints with AI failure detection. Save time and money.

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Remote Printer Control

Manage, monitor and control multiple 3D printers all from one easy to use mobile app.

Manage Multiple Printers

Remote GCODE Upload

Remotely upload GCODE from anywhere. Store your favorite files to print later.

Start, stop, pause prints, and upload GCODE all on your phone from anywhere.